Common Questions

What is mystery shopping?
Mystery Shopping is just like any shopping you do, except you get paid to fill out a simple report afterward.

Why would I get paid to do this?
The owners of a business cannot be there 24 hours a day.  They want to insure that customers are treated well when they are not present.  They contract with a mystery shopping company to provide this information.

How does Consumer Impressions do this?
We ask consumers who live or work nearby to visit the business.  After the visit, they go online and fill out a report that goes straight to management which details the service that is experienced.  

How much money can I make as a mystery shopper?
For most mystery shoppers it is very much a part time addition to your income.  The benefit is a free meal that you would most likely have purchased anyway.  Three or four free meals a month can add up.

What do you pay for each mystery shop?
We pay a reasonable fee to you for filling out the report, and also reimburse you for your expenses.  Typically the fee per survey ranges from $8 - $12.  

How many surveys can I do for you?
New mystery shoppers are very eager to start out doing a lot of surveys, however our experience shows that fitting these visits in with your normal schedule takes a bit of time at first.  We start our shoppers out slowly with 1 or 2 surveys and then build from there.  This insures that you understand and enjoy the process of mystery shopping before you over commit yourself. 

Can I work with more than one company?
Absolutely.  We encourage you to work with other quality mystery shopping providers.  The best place to find great companies to work for is with The Mystery Shopping Providers Association.  You can put in your zip code and search for available assignments in your area.  The listings give you an idea of the payment rates for different types of surveys.  You can use this information to determine which companies you would like to work with.  

We also work with Shadow Shoppers, which many companies post their assignments with.  You do pay to be a member of Shadow Shopper, and should read the agreement prior to signing up to insure it is a good fit for you.  Like MSPA, Shadow Shopper has a zip code search feature that you can use to find assignments in your area.  

Any other advice while I get started?
If the company is asking you to pay a fee to fill out an application, unless they are The Mystery Shopping Providers Association or Shadow Shopper, proceed with caution.  Most companies do not typically charge a fee, as we need new shoppers to be continually joining our team.  

Think about the payment rate promised.  Make sure that it seems reasonable to you. You will be investing thirty minutes to an hour of your time per survey.  Add up the payment plus the reimbursement amount; it should feel reasonable.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  

Read over all training prior to the date of your first survey.  This will give you time to ask any questions you may have.  

Submit your information in a timely manner.  You will probably be asked a few questions after turning in your first survey.  This is normal.  Respond to the questions, and after your first few shops you will fully understand what to do.  You probably did not ride a bike on your first try, so give yourself time to understand each company's needs. 

If you are someone who cares about quality customer service, this is your opportunity!

Our clients ask us to perform these visits because they care about your opinion!

We have been working with our clients to provide this service since 1991.  

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